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Strong House Plastics Industry Co., Ltd-Professional Double Layer Hollow PVC Heat Insulation Roofing Panel manufacturer 

Strong House Plastics Industry Co., Ltd-Professional Double Layer Hollow PVC Heat Insulation Roofing Panel manufacturer        Founded in 1987, Strong House Plastics Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of double-layer hollow plastic-steel wave plate and related accessories, including tank, middle ridge and edge protector. During the initial stage, Strong House launched the first ever double-layer hollow integrated plastic-steel wave plate in the world, which provided for being a high-quality safe construction roofing material of steel structure houses.

        Taiwan is located in the heat and warm zone, thus the steel structure houses are very common here. After exposing to sunlight, the general iron-steel roofing may cause extraordinary hot and uncomfortable inside the house; therefore, this Company is focusing on researching the heat-resistance of wave plates. We selected superior heat-resistant materials and integrated with wave plates to not only prolong the lifespan of wave plates, but also can achieve the heat-resistant result effectively. Thus, our wave plate products are the energy-saving and carbon-reducing green building material.

        Recently, this Company launched the double-layer hollow wood-like wall plate, and the hidden method of its tapping screws was the initial invention in the world. Its structural joint had been revised and modified for many times to refine, and this product had approved by our clients and become more popular in the market currently. The long-run bug in the wave plate products is that after screwing the tapping screws, no one can guarantee that the tapping screw will still be secured without loosening after standing out for all kinds of weather. As a result, the joint between screw and wave plate is the main reason of causing the leaking problem for wave plate roofing, thus this Company developed and launched the double-layer hollow wave plate, which is not only beautiful and dignified, but also its unrivaled development of auto joining after screwing the tapping screw.

        It is a weather-proof product and can solve the long-run problem in the wave plate manufacturing. R&D team of Strong House has the strength and confidence to continuously develop and produce the high-quality wave plate products, wall plates and related accessories, as well as conquer the global markets, and make this internationalized double-layer hollow plastic-steel heat-resistant wave plate to be more popularized all over the world.

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