Double Layer Hollow PVC Heat Insulation Roofing Panel

Strong House PVC Flat Bottom Roofing ,the newly innovated hidden tapping nail design by Strong House is really simple to construct. After locking in the tapping nail, press on the bonding point of the two sheets and the bonding is completed.

Double Layer Hollow PVC Corrugated Roofing

Strong House heat-resistant corrugated roofing sheets have been improved with the new beveled angel insert technology which differs from the old-fashioned direct attachment.

Double Layer Hollow PVC Siding Sheets

Strong House PVC siding sheets are produced by our injection type production machine, the double-layered hollow one-piece construction not only reduces the material required to assemble but also increases the intensity of the siding.

Double Layer hollow Customizated PVC Siding Panal Printing

Customizated PVC siding panal printing. The highest resolution can achieve up to 1440 dpi. Please offer digital image to get your unique siding.

PVC Square Pipe

PVC Square Pipe

PVC Water Pipe

Strong House PVC Corrugated Sheet-PVC Water Pipe

PVC Accessories

PVC Accessories